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21 April 2019 - Dynamic page long load time and slow performance.

15 Apr 2019 - I found the same issue on your new Corvid site, the login button does not redirect. Here are two recordings, one on Safari on MacBook, another on iOS.

12 Apr 2019 - Same issue occurring even after updating to the latest Firefox

12 Apr 2019 - Same issues occurring on iPhone. Cleared Safari History, Cache, Cookies and Website Data. Run the login and same issue occurs.

4 Apr 2019 - Troubleshooting steps as asked by your colleague Amea on 2 April at 9:53am UTC

1 Apr 2019 - New issue discovered since installing the Pricing Plans App. Chrome (works ok) and Safari (does not work ok)

1 Apr 2019b - Follow up from previous video. Firefox (does not work ok)

21 Feb 2020 - Wix Bookings weird behaviour on