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What our colleagues say...


Malminder GILL

Hypnotherapist, London

Beautifully furnished and professionally run therapy centre!"
"I am so pleased to have found Essence Rooms in Singapore.  As a hypnotherapist, I needed a quiet and professionally run therapy centre to see my clients when I visit Singapore.  I was impressed by the warmth and level of service offered by Essence Rooms and look forward to returning soon."


Aloysius CHOW

Psychotherapist, Singapore

"The rooms at Essence Coaching at this new venue are cosy, and they are located at a convenient location.
The system in place is simple, and any booking is completed without any fuss.
A fantastic resource for therapists.”


Natalie O'NEILL

Psychologist, Singapore

"I have been using the consulting rooms at Essence for over a year. The new location on Temple Street works well for my clients and is a comfortable and private environment. I like the ease of the on line room booking platform and the fact I can enter independently having my own door access card."

Room Rental

Made Easy

No membership fees.

No upfront payments.

No monthly rentals.

Pay-As-You-Go on an hourly basis.

From $34 per hour!!!

Suitable For All Consultants

If you are or know a Psychologist, a Counsellor, a Therapist, a Coach or a Psychiatrist working in Singapore and looking for a flexible, custom-designed space for your work, you found it.

From only $34 per hour you get access to our space located in the heart of the city and designed as a place of healing and relaxation. Its simple and clean design allows for a peaceful experience, perfectly suited for the process of healing and growing.

Sign up today to benefit from a space that many clients and practitioners are making their regular consultation space.

Whether you are in coaching, relationship counselling, psychotherapy or nutrition, and you need a space suitable for your consultations, you also can join a growing community of practitioners.


Monday - Sunday: 8am - 9pm​​


63B Temple Street, Singapore 058608

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